Tips For Family Photoshoot Outfits
August 30, 2023

Tips For Family Photoshoot Outfits

Taking family photos is one of the best ways to capture a moment in time and show the unique bonds that bring your family together. So whether you’re doing a professional shoot or taking a simple snapshot, you’ll want to commemorate the occasion with the right outfits! 

No matter what the occasion — this year’s holiday cards, capturing a special event, or simply capturing the passing of time and how your family grows — choosing outfits that work well together can bring the entire shoot to life and highlight both the unique personality traits of each person in your family and the similarities that tie you all together. We’ve rounded up some tips for choosing outfits for your family photos for beautiful family photos you’ll love looking back on.

Start by deciding on a location. 

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Your first step in planning your family portraits is to to decide where you want your family photos to take place. The location can set the scene for the kinds of outfits you want your family to be in as well as the general vibe of your photoshoot.

For example, if you decide to have your photoshoot in a grassy field, you can go all out with the carefree, flowy boho details and choose outfits in earthy shades that fit with nature’s natural backdrop. Meanwhile, if you want to have your photoshoot indoors in your home to portray your family at its most comfortable, you might instead consider wearing outfits like sundresses, jeans, and nice tops that go well with the informal vibe. 

Choose a color palette. 

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Once you’ve decided where you want your photoshoot to take place, you can now start planning the outfits themselves. To begin, first decide the kind of color palette that you’d like to stick with, again making sure that it aligns well with your photo location.

Say that you decide that you’d like to go for that grassy, boho photoshoot. Consider choosing earthy and neutral color shades with a pop of bright colors like orange or goldenrod to highlight the natural beauty of the landscape. On the other hand, if you’re looking to have a photoshoot in the woods, consider a wintery palette in cool tones. Conversely, choose bright colors to contrast with a neutral landscape if you’re really looking to make a statement.

You can also look to the landscape itself for inspiration here: for example, if there are wildflowers in the area, consider adding those colors to your palette to tie it all together. 

For seamless, natural photos, go for coordination rather than matchy-matchy.  

    Exact matching outfits can make for a great photo, but they can also make pictures feel more constrained and formal. It also doesn’t give each individual parent and child the freedom to express their own personalities. 

    So instead, consider aiming for coordinating outfits rather than exact matches. Find details and accessories that tie all of your outfits together, like matching patterns and textures. You can also look for clothing in complementary colors rather than exact matches to give everyone a chance to shine. 

    Consider your family members’ individual personalities. 

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    Similarly, to make sure everyone in your family is comfortable during your family photoshoot, allow everyone to have plenty of say in their own individual outfits.

    For example, don’t insist on dressing up your kids in the exact same outfits, especially if they aren’t thrilled with the idea themselves. Look instead of complementary pieces that highlight their similarities while still allowing them room to show off their individual tastes. 

    Tie different outfits together with accessories.

    Accessories can make a world of difference in bringing together different outfits and making a photo look cohesive. They also are a great way to allow each person in your family to wear what they feel most comfortable in while still fitting in well with the picture. Choose matching accessories and accessories in the same tones (ie: everyone wearing brown shoes and gold jewelry).

    Incorporate textures and details. 

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    When it comes to photoshoots, adding visual interest is everything. Look for fun textures that will give each outfit a bit of extra pop. For example, try looking for dresses with complementary details like ruffles, layers, and lace. 

    Little details can also take an otherwise plain outfit up several notches. Find dresses with interesting backs, flowy trains, or accents like ribbons or bows for striking family pictures. 

    Contrast thoughtfully. 

      While you probably want to choose outfits that portray your family as a cohesive unit, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any contrast! The key here is to make sure that those contrasts are subtle and have enough similar elements to bring everything together when you look at the picture as a whole.

      For example, if someone is going to be wearing a shirt or dress with patterns, have someone else in solids in a complementary color palette. 

      Try adding props to bring more to the scene. 

        If you want to add even more visual interest to your photoshoot, consider bringing along some props! 

        Flower bouquets, for example, are a beautiful feminine detail that you can bring along to tie everything together. Other ideas include picnic blankets in complementary patterns, lanterns, or dried grasses to add a touch of carefree boho-inspired whimsy to your shoot. 

        Bring your furry family members along!


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        Your pets are a part of the family too, so consider adding them to your photoshoot as well! Pets are such a fun detail in photoshoots and they can also offer some inspiration for choosing your outfits as a family. For example, if your family has a beautiful Golden Retriever, consider incorporating some rich golden hues in the little details of your outfits. 

        You can also have your pets match your family! Look for matching accessories like dog collars and shoes. 

        Prioritize authenticity and comfort.

          At the end of the day, you want your family photo shoot to reflect who your family really is, with all of the personalities and quirks that make you guys who you are. Rather than focusing solely on getting the “perfect shot,” find ways to showcase your family’s essence by making sure everyone is comfortable and wearing outfits that they love while still tying into the rest of the family unit. 

          You’ll likely have a certain vision when planning your family photoshoot, from the scenery that your family loves to the poses that show off your connection. When you’re choosing outfits, make sure to look for high-quality outfits that complement each other well and tie everything together with details and accessories. This will let every individual shine while still showing off the special bonds that draw you all together! 

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