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In today's world, it's easy to overlook the importance of living every day with joy and intention. Project Joy is a way for us to spark a dialogue of encouragement among our community of customers, our small team, and beyond. It's our goal to provide a platform for discussion, a place to share your everyday joys, and most importantly, a source of inspiration and light—we hope you'll join us.


Hi, All - Jessica, owner of Joyfolie, here.

It's remarkable, isn't it, how quickly the world can change and things that only a few days were certain now seem ominous and scary. Even during these times, or better yet, especially during these times, I try to ground myself in joy, so I can model stability, kindness, and optimism for my team and my family. Here are a few things that I have been practicing to ground myself in joy:

1) Every day I take a few minutes to reflect and describe 3 good things. I do these prayerfully in the morning, but we also do this over dinner as a family. Research has shown that, when done for 21 days straight, this habit can turn a biologically wired pessimist into a low level optimist.

2) Do something good for someone else. Even if the grocery stores are crazy, let someone go ahead of you in line, text a friend that you are there to help if they need it. Smile. Be the one to initiate kindness, even if circumstances feel guarded and frantic.

3) Practice simple habits that bring you happiness: buy a bouquet of flowers and put them on your kitchen table, bake something lovely, listen to a comedy podcast, play uplifting music, paint your nails -- little things that lift your spirits go a long way.

4) Limit the news. It's good to stay informed, but also be wise. I check in a few times a day, but only for a few minutes. Hours of consumption of news can drive panic, at least for me.

5) Communicate with those around you. All the things I listed, I share with my children and team, and invite dialog and questions.

What helps you ground yourself in joy, even in the midst of crisis? Comment below!

XO -Jessica


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blessing August 01, 2020

I’m focusing on being a “stay-at-home” mom to the fullest instead of “working mom” mode. I’m enjoying (most of the time) doing home-schooling with my four little ones. They are my FOUR reasons to have JOY because they are healthy and happy.

Melissa Scotti March 20, 2020

First and foremost, I pray. I fully believe that while I, being older, could die from this, I just as easily could die walking down the street, so don’t think I’m out going about daily life as usual. I take precautions. But I work in retail, aviation retail at that, with clients from one end of the world to another on any given day. I can’t close, because aviation is an essential service. I have washed the skin off of my hands! As much as it pains me, I stay away from my children and grandchildren just now because I don’t want them sick and my exposure to the world could do just that. This stay at home thing would be perfect for me if I could participate! I spend very little time there. So, I enjoy what time I get to be there gardening, looking for videos and new pics of the grandgirls and trying to think of new ways to interact with my clients to let them know I’m still available when they need me. As an old homeschooler parent (some time ago) I try to think of activities that my kids can now share with their kids. It keeps me from getting too enthralled in the bleak news. And I thank God each night for the day I survived …again, and ask him to bless, guide and equip our tireless President to know what to do and how to help our country thru this, amidst all the hatred he faces day in and day out.

Brenda Shults March 19, 2020

This is such a great idea! We have been trying to stick to a schedule and it’s helped so much! I am trying to finish up sessions while I have this free time at home with my family! I am a foster for a dog rescue we had some puppies come to us with Parvo and unfortunately lost one, but we saved 6, thats 6 lives that wouldn’t have made it if they weren’t in rescue!! I am trying to look at the good like we have organized an online adoption event for this Saturday and its going to be amazing! I cannot wait to see how it turns out! We love movies so each night we have tried to watch an old favorite or something new we are just trying to be together!

Kelsey March 18, 2020

As horrible as the current situation is I believe it could be far worse. I find media is fueling the fear, panic and heartlessness. It’s everywhere, the radio, newspapers, television interruptions and of course social media. I stepped away from it all and that has grounded my family and I. We have been baking cookies together, planting seeds, decluttering, and writing letters to loved ones elsewhere. Things we normally would not have ample time for. I have my family home, we are healthy and all together. With no lessons or activities to rush off to we are having fun just being together. I want to thank you for the beautiful blog post, a uplifting message in a time of turmoil.

Stefanie March 18, 2020

The greatest thing that we can do is to create a ripple effect. Starts with one person, one stone and then hopefully spreads throughout homes, families, communities, states and then worldwide. Just one good deed, a smile a kind gesture can go a long way. Especially in these crazy, wild times when it can be hard to wrap your head around it all. Remember we all have our battles or struggles, each unique to us. Spread joy to one another through a smile, a kind gesture, reaching out just to make sure everything’s ok can be enough to turn around an individuals bad day into a good day. Remember we are all human and thrive off relationships, love and kindness. Be sure to reach out and tell someone you love them, do an act of kindness, help a stranger and start the ripple.

Tara S March 18, 2020

I love all of these tips! I try to always be positive but starting each day with three 3 things I’m thankful for is something I’d like to implement into my daily life. I also love your tip on not being consumed by the news, I always want my home to be a peaceful place. I don’t want anything disrupting that for my children’s sake so I get what I need to from my phone and then go about my day. Small things bring so much happiness to me just getting some sunshine out in the backyard or the fact that my kids can be home from school. I get this extra time to invest into them! Life is good and knowing God has his hands on this situation ♥️

Rheanne March 18, 2020

Jessica, thank you for sharing your experience and your ways to ground yourself in joy! I have my own special ways too. It’s not just few, it’s a bundle of ways to see everything happening in the World through the prism of my heart. I have a special one. I feel it soaring when I hear the news and first of all I worry for my children, for my family and for all kids on Earth. They don’t have our eyes and our experience so how they will survive? We need to teach them Love everyday to adapt any changes in the World. We need to teach them to make their spirit uplift and never give up. We need to do that first before we teach somebody. There no news that could break my heart and my desire to live happy and long. Nothing can break my spirit. I never teach myself to become optimistic. I just optimistic no matter what. I see Love in my life everyday and I teach kids to see Love. Nothing else they need to see in the World. Love can help us survive. We need to love our families more and help more people now. Love united people. Specially the hard times like nowadays. Love ground my family in a joy. God is Love. I believe all hard times now will change people for a better and stronger than before. I always send prayers to those who was affected by virus. I help myself and my family to become new people to adapt new changes in the World. Jessica, thank you for interesting topic and the chance to participate in the comments too. Don’t panic! All in God Hands.

Olga March 18, 2020

Yes and pray for those that are affected by the virus. Thank you for your thoughts of wisdom today.

Katie Foxworthy March 18, 2020

Jessica,thank you for sharing such a beautiful outlook! This is what we need now, more people willing to stop for a minute and find a way to make a positive change. I also can’t express how important it is to set a positive example for our children. Our actions and outlook are teaching them. Let us teach them gratitude, love, and bravery! Thank you for taking this time to inspire us!!

Selena Steffan March 18, 2020

I’ve really enjoyed the break from the crazy by sitting and planning pretty outfits for our pictures coming this spring. Beautiful well done site!

Catherine March 18, 2020

Thank you Jessica. Your words are so inspiring, it is true what you say we must find joy in the midst of chaos in order to be there for others. Life is very short and we never know what tomorrow will bring. Be kind and caring to one another.

Dafne Wittekind March 18, 2020

Thank you for your thoughtful tips! Reaching out to friends and supporting one another is a big comfort. Watching comedies since laughing helps endorphins which in turn boosts your immune system and hugging family living with you. Angela

Angela C March 18, 2020

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