Mom & Daughter Matching Dresses
July 31, 2023

Style Tips For Mom & Daughter Matching Dresses

There are few relationships that are quite as special as the one between mother and daughter — and few style duos quite as adorable as you and your mini-me! 

Matching outfits with your daughter is a wonderful way to highlight all of the many similarities and unique quirks between the two of you. Whether you’re setting up a whimsical family photoshoot, gearing up for a special event or holiday, or just want to bond and deepen that special connection between you and your little one, here are some style tips for matching mother-daughter get-ups. 

Look for dramatic, eye-catching details. 

Featured: Maia Impact Dress in Cream, McKenna Impact Dress in Cream 

If you want to make a major statement with your matching get-ups, look for dresses that pack a punch! One of the best ways to tie two separate outfits is to make sure that they each have a similar level of dramatic detail, as is the case with the showstopping trains on the matching Maia Impact and McKenna Impact dresses. This is especially key if you’re looking for coordinating outfits for a family photoshoot since these dramatic and whimsical details can be captured on film and add to the essence of the shoot. As long as the most eye-catching details match, the rest of the outfits can be tailored based on your individual styles and tastes and still mesh harmoniously together. 

Pair whimsical accessories. 

Featured: Catrin Dress in Shell, Christelle Dress in Shell

Another great way to create a harmonious balance between two different outfits is to make sure that both you and your little one are wearing complementary — or identical — accessories that tie both of your dresses together. This extra pop of detail lets your separate outfits look perfectly paired even if they aren’t overly matchy-matchy. Look for shoes, hats, jewelry, belts, and other little details that work well with both of your outfits and bring the whole look together. 

Choose similar dresses with age-appropriate twists.  

Featured: Braelyn Dress in Spice, Pilar Dress in Spice

Don’t love the idea of wearing the exact same dress, but still want to match? You don’t need to choose the exact same dress in order to match perfectly with your daughter — you just need to make sure that they complement each other well with similar shapes and colors. For example, the Pilar Dress in Spice is super cute and age-appropriate for younger kids, while the Braelyn dress complements it perfectly while also adding a leg slit for a little more visual interest for mom. 

Express your individual tastes. 


Featured: Junie Impact Dress in Cedarwood, June Impact Dress in Cedarwood

As close as you and your daughter are, you also have your unique tastes and interests. Showcase both your similarities and your individual preferences by choosing a customizable dress set that allows both of you to alter it to your specific tastes and show off all of the things that make each of you unique. Both the Junie Impact and the June Impact dress come with long ties that allow you to secure your dress in different styles, letting both mother and daughter shine both individually and together. 

Play with shapes.


Featured: Litta Dress in Cream, Laurence Dress in Cream

If you want to make a standout fashion statement but are going for a boho, carefree look, choose complementary dresses with eye-catching shapes. Both the Litta and the Laurence dresses are sweet and dreamy, yet their multi-tiered designs and flowy off-the-shoulder structure make them unique pieces that are even more impactful when worn together. 

Look for similar colors but different cuts. 

Featured: Gemma Dress in Mesa Rose, Gia Dress in Mesa Rose

If you’d prefer to approach your matching outfits in a harmonious-yet-individualized way, consider shopping for complementary dresses in the same color, rather than exact matching sets. For example, the Gemma and the Gia dress are both unique dresses with different necklines and hemlines, but the little details and the matching colors let them meld together harmoniously to create one harmonious mother-daughter look. 

Use complementary details. 


Featured: Coral Dress in Orchid, Evony Dress in Orchid

Similarly, try searching for matching-but-individual dresses with details that match each other. For example, The delicate lace neckline perfectly pairs with the lace detailing on the skirt of the Coral, while the ruffled tier skirt of Evony is a natural pair for Coral’s flowy shape throughout. This lets the both of you choose the looks that you like best without veering too far away from each other. This is also a great option for boho-inspired shoots and events since it lets each of you express your free-spirited individuality while still highlighting your mother-daughter bond. 

Come up with a unifying vibe. 


Featured: Aluma Kaftan in Gardenia, Ayesha Kaftan in Gardenia

If you’re putting together a family photo shoot or trying to portray a specific vibe with your matching mommy-and-me outfits, start by establishing what kind of vibes you want to give off! This can help set the scene for not only the outfits, but the hair, accessories, and other details that show off your special relationship. The duo here in the Aluma Kaftan and Ayesha Kaftan both exude boho, earth-inspired beauty with matching kaftans in intricate lace detailing and matching accessories. 

Tie it all together with a statement piece.


Featured: Margaritte Fur Coat in Seaglass, Maraline Fur Coat in Seaglass

Finally, if you want to create a matching set that still lets you and your daughter shine as individuals, consider wearing separate outfits but tying them together with one bold statement piece. The Margaritte and Maraline faux fur coats, for example, are showstopping accessories that’ll immediately show your harmonious bond while still allowing you and your daughter to shine with individual outfits underneath. 


Playing dress-up with your daughter is a ton of fun, especially if you both have the same outfits to rock. While you’re on the hunt for the perfect matching dresses and outfits for yourself and your daughter, make sure to keep your individual and shared preferences in mind so that you can find outfits that perfectly highlight your special bond. 

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