Mia's Makeup Tutorial

Our quick questions with Mia (daughter of Jessica, founder of Joyfolie) about makeup and her favorite part about it! Mia is in 6th grade this year, how time flies!


Q: When did you start wearing makeup and why do you wear it?

A: Well, I started wearing makeup on a daily basis this year. I love makeup it's so fun and creative!

Q: What is your favorite makeup product?

A: My favorite product is lipstick because it can change the way you look dramatically. There are so many different colors, lip liners, glosses, and you can be creative with it!

Comment below: When did you start wearing makeup? If you wear makeup, share your favorite product! We love a good beauty product <3


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I was fourteen when I started. I like Chanel’s powder lip stick,
Powder lipstick is my favorite product.

christy March 31, 2020

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