How to curl your hair with Mia

Learn how to curl your hair with Mia, daughter of Jessica (CEO and founder of Joyfolie). P.S. this is actual footage of Mia using a curling iron for the first time! 


 Let's get real and talk about it:

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  • What age were you when you started using hot tools?
  • What is the right age to start using hot tools?
  • Share some of your funny hair horror stories below...we all know we have them!


I cut my hair to a long pixie cut, and my hair is curly! One morning i come down to breakfast and my dad says “Haha Becky looks like an 80’s rock star”. Yikes! Does anyone have any tips on how to make a long pixie look pretty and Boho?(:

Becky September 29, 2020

Great job, Mia:) We could also add that holding the barrel at different angles changes the shape of the curl – more springy, or more beach wave type;)
Funny story to share – brought my curler to Europe, plugged with an adapter into their outlet, started curling a layer near my face on my usual heat setting. Suddenly – what’s that smell? I release the curler and the my strand of hair fall right off! WHAT????:))) Turns out, this curler was not meant to handle the current even with the adapter, and was curling my hair at probably the double of the heat. Thankfully, I stopped the curler around my ear, so the short peace of hair hanging now looked like I cut some layers into my hair, no big deal:) Would have been worse if I stopped at the scalp:)))) LOL. Btw, this is something to keep in mind. Same happened to my steamer – even with the adapter it almost blew up after being plugged into the European outlet on my photoshoots in Venice. Now I just buy European electrical gadgets:) Only my laptop was able to be ok, and my phone did not blow up after charging:)

Olesja Mueller February 11, 2020

The first time I used a curling iron (without my mom’s permission….BIG mistake!) was in the 6th grade, circa 1985. I always went to my best friend’s house before school to wait for the bus. She always did great feathery bangs (her hair was stick straight) and I wanted them too. My mom had told me I didn’t need to use a curling iron, I had naturally curly hair. But I SO wanted those bangs. So one day I decided to go for it, sans instruction. I proceeded to curl my bangs, going in the wrong direction around the barrel, then combed them out….can we just say BAD. It was so weird looking because of curling around the iron in the wrong direction, then combing it out made it super fro! And I had not time, nor clue how, to fix it as the bus was coming down the street! Worst school day EVAH! It was almost a decade before I tried again! Lol.

I now have a 6th grade daughter of my own and I allow her to curl her crazy straight hair when she wants, on low, and only after much tutelage from me. I think it all depends on the desire and responsibility of a girl as to when we let her start experimenting with her hair. It is a long journey, but with practice it can help with overall self confidence and self expression. After all, our hair is a great accessory!

DeAnne Funk May 15, 2019

My daughter is 8 and is starting to do her own hair so this is such a relatable video to us!

I would say the right age to starting using straighteners/curlers on her own would be around 10-12. Right now, I’ll do her hair for special occasions (like a wedding/family photos) and she loves the process!

I think if she is interested in doing her own hair, she should try learning with lower heat and see where it goes from there! I know when I started using tools, I had no idea what I was doing so I am VERY thankful for the tips my mother taught me back then.

Danielle March 23, 2019

How fun! I starting using hot tools on my own in about 6th grade. Crimping your hair was totally the thing to do (thank you Lizzie McGuire) lol

Hannah March 23, 2019

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