Sample Sale


Do joyfolie sample pieces have tags in them ?

Hannah October 03, 2019

Are you still doing sample sales? I’m interested in how to get one.

Liz September 11, 2019

How do I order samples boxes?

Heather August 27, 2019

Hello All, thank you for your comments! If you are interested in purchasing a 2019 Sample Box please visit . Quantities and pieces are limited in this sale and we do suggest shopping quickly. After adding this to your cart proceed to normal checkout filling out all billing and shipping information to have your box sent to your doorstep! We’re lucky to have you as a part of our community and thank you for participating in one of our favorite sales on the year!

Joyfolie August 26, 2019
Please let me know what I need to do I am very interested in the sample boxes of shoes.
Lindsey Curlee August 26, 2019

Very interested in sample boxes. Please let me know how to order one or two, please!

Britt Hensley August 26, 2019

We are interested! Please let us know what to do thanks!

Brooke August 26, 2019

I’m interested in a few sample boxes. How do I go about purchasing them?
Thank you,

Elena Tiglio August 26, 2019

Is the sample boxes still available?

Tracy August 26, 2019

I’m interested!!!

brenda albor August 25, 2019

Would love to do this, is it still available?

angela prieto August 22, 2019

Hi , I would like to try sample Sale. How I can order? Thanks!

Inessa Walsh August 22, 2019

Please contact me for more details and how I can sign for that ?

Maryana Kurochka July 16, 2019

Still available?

Keva July 11, 2019

Would love to get one of these boxes how do I go about it?

Miranda Gadbury July 08, 2019

hi i would like to try the sample box. please message me what i need to do. thanks

joyce June 20, 2019

Are there still sample boxes available for girls size 5/6?

Jami May 22, 2019

I was shopping online and saw a chunky statement necklace. Left my computer to make breakfast. I had no ideas that things would be taken off the website that quickly. If you know of a necklace fitting that description, I would love to purchase it .

Lauren H.Veal May 09, 2019 hi could my daughter please try a sample box 📦 thank you

Cynthia justo May 01, 2019

I’m stopping by your blog to thank you for helping the One Voice Children’s Choir with their latest video! We called your shop, hoping to be able to get enough dresses for a large group of girls and we needed them in record time. The staff at Joyfolie did not disappoint! You helped us find the MOST PERFECT LOOK for this video! I’ll post photos if I can. The director and producer of the movie we were working on walked out to the shores of the lake we were filming on, saw all of those beautiful Joyfolie dresses fluttering in the wind, and he had tears in his eyes. They were so stunning! Just know this: We are Joyfolie fans for life! Thank you for taking our stressful situation and turning it into a beautiful experience!!
I was at a wedding over the weekend and several of our choir kids were there. They all wore their matching dresses and received so many compliments! It is fun to see them love these beautiful dresses. Thank you for helping us make this work!

All Our Best to All Of You!!
Kathie and the crew at One Voice Children’s Choir

Kathie Steinagel April 28, 2019

Let me know if you can still get the sample box!!

Danneall Taylor April 12, 2019

would like to get shoes for size 10 adult and 13 girls can you send me what you have

eilat Daboush April 08, 2019

I love love love what you stand for…beauty,inside and out,…growth for women entrepreneurs, hard work, compassion (it is so evident), and a passion for what you do!
I was introduced to you company by a beautiful shot of a friend and her two girls in your
PJ’s. I had to see more. I looked at everything on you site, from clothing, to jobs, to raise the 3 (has to happen). I told my son, a new graduate, that this is the perfect company for him…a model looking kind of guy who is quiet and humble and has a keen eye for the perfect shot. I thought my daughter and her 6 year old and newborn little redheads fit the casually chic look, and they love that they can share the look of outfits together. So if you ever need a couple of redheads in Florida for a shoot…
Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re an inspiration to so many!

Chris Felici April 07, 2019

Is this still available?

Belinda Perez April 02, 2019

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