our philosophy

Responsible stewardship of our planet and resources is a fundamental philosophy in the operation of Joyfolie. This is why all materials are thoughtfully considered in the construction and packaging of Joyfolie products. In particular, organic cotton is used as much as possible because cotton, while taking up only 2-3% of the earth's cropland, uses a staggering 23% of the world's pesticides. Some of these pesticides are known carcinogens that also make their way into water and surrounding food sources. Second, organic fabrics have also been known to be less irritating to skin, which is especially important for the delicate skin of babies and toddlers. Additional eco-friendly materials include recycled rubber, bamboo jersey, organic eucalyptus, felt made from 100% post-consumer plastic, cork, and reclaimed materials and trim. Most items come packaged in a reusable labeled fabric bag. Shipping and promotional materials are made from/printed on recycled paper. While Joyfolie is not exclusively “green,” it is our company philosophy to progress in that direction as we grow.

In addition, 10% of the profits of Joyfolie go to Giving Children Hope, a non-profit organization that refurbishes medical equipment that would otherwise go in a landfill for use in impoverished areas and for disaster relief. To learn more about this organization or to partner in their cause please visit their website.